No one knows your Volkswagen better than we do.
Rest assured that we will take good care of your
Volkswagen with special offers only limited for a
period of time.
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616 Aged Vehicle Maintenance Plan.

Enjoy 40% off on all Repairs & Maintenance Service now! For Vehicle Aged over 5 years.

Being a proud owner of your Volkswagen, it's time to pamper your cars now who have provided you with a safe and comfortable ride all these years. For cars that are over their 60th month, enjoy 40% off on Regular Maintenance Service, and all other repairs, labour, parts and accessories.

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Caring for your Volkswagen.

Taking good care of your Volkswagen, from the interior to exterior.

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Premium-Wach Service
With our service, the multi-layer
polymer  coating, interior vapour
antiseptic treatment, engine
compartment cleaning will
ensure that your Volkswagen
will look fresh once again.

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Detailing Service
The application of more than 9
detailing products from 3M by
our well-trained specialist will
ensure that your Volkswagen is
completely reconditioned once

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Premium Wachs + Detailing
2 services in the price of 1.
Choose the package that best
fits you to enjoy the most out of
the bundled package. For more
information, please contact our
service centres.

Engine Flushing Service.

Keep your engine at tip-top condition.

In order to keep your engine in tip-top condition, our service can reduce fuel consumption and prolong the engine's life.

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Window Flim Service.

Protecting you against the sun.

With our one-stop comprehensive service, including document preparation, vehicle inspection, window flim installation and obtaining government certificate, you and your family will still be able to enjoy your ride in a hot and sunny day.

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Air Conditioning & Interior Disinfection Service.

Keep your air condition fresh and clean.

Many of us goes through great lengths to keep our house clean. We should also do so for our cars; our lifelong companion on the road. Our air-conditioning & interior disinfection service eliminates odors and bacteria, providing you with a long lasting protection against bad air.

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